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Navy Morphing LCS From Ugly Duckling Into Fighting Bantam Lost, or at least overlooked, in all the hubbub created by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s decision to radically restructure the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program and ongoing sniping from some ill-informed individuals about performance and cost issues are two important [Read More...]
British Defense Ministry Continues To Pioneer Transformation Of Military Logistics The current budgetary environment requires that the Department of Defense (DoD) make the most efficient use of all its resources – money, personnel and time – reducing costs and improving outcomes wherever possible. According to the Under Secretary of Defense [Read More...]
Attempts To Downplay Growing Russian Military Threat Won’t Wash Thankfully, the Russian military is not ten feet tall. No one said it is. But that is the way some unnamed civilian Pentagon officials want to spin the legitimate concerns of senior military officers regarding the challenges posed by the [Read More...]
Putin Strategy Fails To Stop Deployment Of Missile Defenses In Europe Today marks the first significant setback for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assault on Europe. For more than two years, Russia has been on the march in Europe and elsewhere, undermining the political and economic systems of neighboring countries, intimidating their [Read More...]
The U.S. Army Needs To Say “No Mas” To WAS Wide Area Security (WAS), what used to be called stability operations, is supposed to be one of the U.S. Army’s core competencies. It involves much more than providing security for rear areas or occupying enemy territory during the course of [Read More...]
Global Market For The A-29 Super Tucano Is Growing Back in 2009, when the Department of Defense had but one problem on its mind, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Air Force had the idea of developing a light air support (LAS) aircraft for the close air support [Read More...]
The Army Needs A New Modernization Strategy Since the passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and the Defense Strategic Guidance of 2012, the Department of Defense (DoD) has been cutting the size of the military, retiring obsolescent weapons systems and reducing combat units in order [Read More...]
Weak Spending On Missile Defense Undermines Administration’s Claims The ballistic missile threat to U.S. allies and the homeland is skyrocketing. Russia is deploying a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of carrying ten or more warheads. It also has a new ballistic missile submarine and missile. China [Read More...]
Air Force Needs To Rethink Its Overall UAS Concept Of Operations For some 20 years, the U.S. Air Force has set the standard with respect to creating and operating unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Overcoming its initial reluctance to employ this novel platform, the Air Force now operates the world’s largest fleet [Read More...]
The Southwest Defense Complex: The New First Line in the Nation’s Defense Executive Summary Click here to download the full report as PDF. It is a core principle of the U.S. military that you must train as you fight. One of the enduring advantages the U.S. military possesses is the quality of [Read More...]
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