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Pentagon’s Operational Test and Evaluation Office Determined To Minimize F-35 Successes (From National Interest) If one listened only to the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), it would be easy to conclude that the F-35 is a failed program. Yet, at the same time that DOT&E warns of continuing challenges to the Joint [Read More...]
Will The U.S. Army Get Serious About Revolutionizing Long Range Fires? (From The National Interest) If Russian integrated air defenses and massed missile and rocket batteries are to be defeated, it will take a new generation of U.S. long-range, high-speed, very precise weapons and projectiles. Systems over 100km are particularly important, as are those which [Read More...]
Defeating Russia’s Ambitions In Europe (from National Interest) The challenge posed to NATO by Putin’s Russia is both political and military and the Alliance’s responses need to be in both spheres. The political challenge is perhaps the more difficult because it requires that the West accept the reality [Read More...]
Five Steps NATO Should Take To Deter Russia (from National Interest) While many proposals for NATO military responses to the threat of Russian aggression against Europe have focused on the need for ground force deployments in the East, there are other investments that are more important and deserve priority. Here are [Read More...]
Drone Wars: Defeating the Unmanned Threat will Require A Firestorm Of Energy (from National Interest) The results of the next Offset Strategy are beginning to appear on the world’s battlefields. Unfortunately, it is not the U.S. military that is deploying these capabilities. Instead it is our competitors and adversaries that are exploiting the revolution in [Read More...]
Russia: The Hybrid State As Adversary (from The National Interest) Russia is the ultimate hybrid threat. Russia is unique insofar as it is controlled by a cabal that has many of the characteristics of the non-state groups that have acquired hybrid capabilities and developed strategies based on their use. Moreover, [Read More...]
Marine Corps Is Busy Inventing Its Own Third Offset Strategy The senior leadership of the Pentagon is scurrying hither and yon in pursuit of the new vaunted Third Offset Strategy. Their efforts include going to Silicon Valley, Austin and Boston in order to establish relationships with sources of innovation in [Read More...]
Air Force Needs To Pull The Trigger On An RFP For A New Jet Trainer The U.S. Air Force flies the most modern combat aircraft and the oldest trainers of any major air force on Earth. In a world in which the difference between winning and losing in combat is most often a matter of [Read More...]
National Guard Poised For Major Role In Power Grid Security It is a tribute to the genius of America’s Founding Fathers that the system of government they created, based on the principle of distributed power and responsibility or federalism, continues to serve us so well.  A wonderful example of this [Read More...]
NATO vs. Russia: How to Counter the Hybrid Warfare Challenge (from The National Interest) As NATO prepares for its summit in Warsaw, the leaders of the Alliance’s 28 nations will try to put a good face on what is clearly a deteriorating security situation on the Continent. Government officials, diplomats and military leaders are [Read More...]
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