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U.S. Air Force T-X Procurement Needs To Focus On Time As Well As Cost (from National Interest) While fixed pricing and the prohibition on concurrent development will protect the Air Force from major cost increase on the upcoming T-X procurements, they do not address the danger of schedule slippage. Any delay in delivering the T-X will cost [Read More...]
Defense Innovation Is Alive and Well In Detroit (from The National Interest) The Department of Defense is particularly enamored with innovation as practiced in the IT sector, most notably in places such as Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin. But the traditional defense industrial base continues to change and innovate. Take the example [Read More...]
Normandy Cemetery Begs Question: Why Shed American Blood For Europe Again? (from The National Interest) After losing tens of thousands of lives during WWII to liberate Europe, why should Americans again come to the defense of Europe, threatened now by Russian aggression and Islamist fanaticism?  Because the loss of a continent that has finally achieved [Read More...]
Perhaps The U.S. Army’s Most Remarkable Leader In More Than Half A Century (From The National Interest) Dealing with the emerging Russian/Chinese/North Korean/Iranian threat will necessitate a transformation of the Army and the Joint Force. Given enough money and time, the Army could probably find solutions to most of its pressing capability gaps. Unfortunately, it has no [Read More...]
F-35s To Become Eyes And Ears Of The Fleet (from The National Interest) In the not-too-distant future, the F-35 may find its central role in the fight not in air superiority or ground attack but as a sensor platform, expanding the ability of other forces. As a forward deployed, stealthy, passive sensor system, [Read More...]
U.S. Security In A Proliferated World Will Require A New ICBM (from The National Interest) It’s really quite simple: deterrence of an attack on the United States by a hostile nation rests, ultimately, on the nuclear triad — intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) and bombers. While each leg of the triad plays [Read More...]
Is the U.S. Navy Moving too Fast on its New Frigate? (from National Interest) On top of all the changes that continue to ripple through the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program like the aftershocks that follow a major earthquake, OSD and the Navy have asked the two teams – one led by Lockheed Martin [Read More...]
5 Reasons Why the Current Strategy for Assured Access to Space Is Too Risky (from National Interest) The United States Air Force is pursuing a high risk strategy to provide assured access to space. It is betting heavily on the ability of the two primary launch providers, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) and SpaceX, to develop new [Read More...]
U.S. Experience In Iraq Can Teach NATO How To Hunt Russia’s “Little Green Men” (from National Interest) Much has been made over the past three years of the asymmetric or hybrid warfare conducted by Russia in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. The essence of this supposedly new type of warfare involves the use of non-traditional instruments of [Read More...]
Anti-Missile Arms Race Heating Up It was only a matter of time. As major powers, rogue regimes and terrorist groups acquired and, in a number of instances, employed increasingly sophisticated arsenals of rockets and ballistic missiles, those countries that found themselves under the gun, so [Read More...]
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