Submarines and Intelligence (2): Time to Rebuild Issue Brief Over the past ten years, the strategic intelligence taskings for the Navy’s nuclear-powered attack submarines have doubled. During the same period, the number of attack subs in the active fleet declined nearly 40% – from 91 in 1990 [Read More...]
Defense Industry’s Real Problem: Capricious Pentagon Article Published in the Aviation Week and Space Technology The Pentagon is sponsoring a study by the Defense Science Board (DSB) to figure out what has gone wrong with the defense industry. In the two years since senior policymakers blocked [Read More...]
Submarines and Intelligence: The Missing Link Issue Brief The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has completed a comprehensive study of attack-submarine requirements in the years 2015 and 2025. The study is a follow-up to the 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review, which recommended the Navy reduce [Read More...]
The “Unplugged” Battlefield: Marine Corps Modernizes Its Tactical Communications Article Published in the Seapower Magazine A running joke in the Marine Corps is that the two most common after-action comments following a field exercise are, “We learned a lot,” and, “Comm [communications] was fouled up again.” With luck, the [Read More...]
Don’t Turn A Blind Eye To The Need For Subs Article Published in the Navy Times When Blind Man’s Bluff, the story of the Navy’s Cold War submarine fleet, was published in 1999, the Navy distanced itself from the book, citing security concerns and a policy to not discuss submarine [Read More...]
Plan for Defense Spending Article Published in The Washington Post By Loren Thompson, Ph.D. David Ignatius really hit the nail on the head in his February 13 analysis of the defense industry’s decline. The industry’s problems can be succinctly summarized as depressed demand, uneven [Read More...]
50 Subs Not Enough For Navy Security Mission Article Published in the National Defense It has been argued that some of the major weapon systems developed during the Cold War have yet to demonstrate they remain relevant and are successfully adapting to the new threats to global security. [Read More...]
New Century, Old Question: Can Europe Keep Up? Article Published in the Sea Power Magazine In 1968, French journalist J.J. Servan-Schreiber published a hugely influential book called The American Challenge that argued Europe was falling behind. It wasn’t the Soviet Union that worried him so much as the [Read More...]
Naval Strike: It’s more than planes and ships, but that’s a good place to start Article Published in the Wings of Gold The recent air war in the Balkans amplified two essential truths about today’s Navy. The first is that America’s naval forces, including the Marine Corps, will be the teeth in U.S. foreign policy [Read More...]
Army XXI Aviation: Time for V-22 Article Published in the Army Magazine When the Army and the Air Force became separate services after World War Two, one of the most contentious issues was defining a clear postwar identity for Army aviation. Although the institutional separation was [Read More...]
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