President-elect Trump Needs To Prepare To Fight A Massive Information War (from The National Interest) Yesterday’s hearings by the Senate Armed Services Committee on cyber threats highlighted the fact that the United States is at war on multiple fronts with Russia, China and several lesser powers. This is not a war in the traditional sense. [Read More...]
Defense Contracting: The Pentagon’s Obamacare (from The National Interest) The 115th Congress is now in session and the first order of business for the Republican majority is to repeal Obamacare. President-elect Trump campaigned on the slogan of repealing and replacing Obamacare. This was part of his general theme of [Read More...]
How Modernizing The U.S. Army Can Make Nuclear War Less Likely (From Forbes) President-elect Trump has frequently cited the need to modernize America’s aging nuclear arsenal.  He’s right: the Obama Administration took too long to commence recapitalization of the main bulwark we have against nuclear Armageddon. However, the way nuclear war is most [Read More...]
How the U.S. Army Could Become Lethal Again (Thanks to Donald Trump) (from The National Interest) Modern presidents tend to be either defense hawks or budget hawks.  Some start as one kind and morph into the other, usually in response to a domestic or international crisis. President-elect Trump may be that rare leader who will try [Read More...]
Why President Trump Needs A Five-Year Defense Plan On Day One (From Forbes) President-elect Donald Trump’s goals for revitalizing U.S. military capabilities are similar to those that president-elect Ronald Reagan espoused in 1981.  One lesson to be learned from Reagan’s success in rebuilding a hollow military is that it’s important to have a [Read More...]
Trump Defense Priorities Right On The Money (from The National Interest) A memo from acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Brian McKeon to his staff reporting on the interactions he had with the defense transition team was just made public. The memo explained that the goal of the Department of [Read More...]
How Trump Can Fix The F-35 Fighter Program Without Hurting American Warfighters, Workers Or Allies (From Forbes) The F-35 fighter program is a technological marvel, but as president-elect Trump has suggested, it doesn’t need to cost as much as it does.  Somewhere between 20-30% of program costs result from compliance with government regulations — regulations that in [Read More...]
America’s Marines Need The Amphibious Combat Vehicle Program To Counter Russia And China (From The National Interest) The U.S. military has a dilemma. Having forgone more than a generation of modernization and facing rising adversaries who are investing in modern military equipment, it has to make a choice: focus on near-term modernization, buy what is available in [Read More...]
Trump Should Reject the Convention On Cluster Munitions When it comes to trade agreements, the newly elected President Donald Trump has been explicit that such arrangements must benefit the U.S. and be based on the principle of maintaining a level playing field. The Obama Administration’s policy with respect [Read More...]
Boeing Defense Headquarters Moving To The Nation’s Capital (From Forbes) The Boeing Company has decided to move the headquarters of its defense and space unit to the nation’s capital from Saint Louis, joining a migration that in recent decades has seen most of the Pentagon’s biggest suppliers relocate top brass [Read More...]
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