Air Force “Light Fighter” Concept Seems A Bit Light On Logic (From Forbes) Despite suffering from a chronically underfunded modernization budget, the Air Force is pressing ahead with experimentation on yet another new aircraft.  It’s a propeller-driven “light fighter” that could be used to attack irregular forces such as ISIS from so-called permissive [Read More...]
Ex-Im Bank Critics Are Undermining Trump’s Trade Strategy (From Forbes) A small band of free-trade zealots is trying to hobble the Export-Import Bank, and in the process making President Trump’s campaign to restore U.S. competitiveness even harder. Ex-Im, as it is often called, is the official export credit agency of [Read More...]
U.S. Spends Three Times More On Lottery Tickets Than On Equipping Its Army — And It Shows (From Forbes) The Romans had a saying that if you want peace, prepare for war.  Judging from the way the U.S. funds its Army, Americans are preparing to party.  The amount of money that was requested by the Obama administration for equipping [Read More...]
Why America’s Air Force Leads the Way on Countering Enemy Drone Technology (from The National Interest) Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, in the hands of this country’s adversaries, both states and terrorist organizations, pose a severe and growing challenge to the U.S. military. The proliferation of drones to hostile states and groups is altering the tactical [Read More...]
A-29 For Nigeria Would Be The Proverbial Hat Trick For The Trump Administration President Trump has made defeating violent Islamist terrorism, not just ISIS but Al Qaeda and the global skein of killer insurgents, a top priority. There are reports that a new strategy for taking on ISIS will be unveiled shortly. Whatever [Read More...]
2 Things Donald Trump’s ‘Big League’ Military Build-Up Must Include (from The National Interest) President Trump will propose adding $54 billion to the FY2018 defense budget.  Much of this is likely to be spent on improved readiness. Years of underfunding, downsizing and overuse have left the U.S. military in a state of profound unreadiness. [Read More...]
5 Reasons Donald Trump Should Love the F-35 (Like Containing China) (From The National Interest) President Donald Trump is concerned about the costs associated with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But the F-35 is arguably crucial to five Trump Administration priorities.  While working to control costs on the aircraft, the new administration should also consider [Read More...]
Trump ‘Historic’ Defense Increase Is Barely Above What Obama Planned — And Faces Similar Obstacles (From Forbes) Despite all the hoopla in the media about President Trump proposing big increases in defense spending at the expense of domestic programs, the White House plan announced Monday would only raise Pentagon outlays 3% higher in 2018 than the amount [Read More...]
As N. Korea Concerns Grow, Here’s How Little U.S. Is Spending To Defend Against A Ballistic Missile Attack (From Forbes) The biggest threat to America’s security isn’t terrorism or cyber attacks, it’s the danger a country like North Korea will launch nuclear warheads against the U.S. homeland. One nuclear warhead detonated over a major American city could kill millions.  So [Read More...]
CAPITOL HILL EVENT – Army Rapid Equipping Forum – 2.27.17 The Lexington Institute is organizing a Capitol Hill forum on Monday, February 27th to discuss U.S. Army rapid equipping needs. Topics that will be discussed at this forum include enhanced lethality, force protection, aviation upgrades, battlefield communications, and electronic warfare.  [Read More...]
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