U.S. Marines Send F-35 Fighters To South Korea — And A Signal To The North (From Forbes) The Pentagon disclosed recently that Marine F-35B fighters are operating in South Korea for the first time in joint training exercises with the Republic of Korea military. The exercises are conducted to assure the two allies can mesh seamlessly in [Read More...]
The Heart Of The F-35 Is Its Remarkable Engine (From RealClear Defense) For all the sound and fury about the cost of the F-35, the truth is that the price has been coming down at a brisk clip. In the early low rate initial production lots, the price of the F-35A was [Read More...]
NATO Needs A New Iron Curtain To Protect Its Eastern Border On March 5, 1946, the former British Prime Minister and then-leader of the opposition Conservative Party, Winston Churchill, delivered what many historians believe to be the most important remarks of his post-war career. In a speech intended to make the [Read More...]
BAE Systems, Third Biggest Global Military Contractor, Approaches Major Leadership Change (From Forbes) On June 30, BAE Systems chief executive Ian King will retire, and the next day he will be succeeded in that position by Charles Woodburn, 46, a longtime executive in the global energy sector.  Mr. Woodburn inherits an enterprise that [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon Needs To Leverage National Guard Cyber Skills (From The National Interest) A successful cyberattack on computer systems that control the U.S. electric grid could cause a long-term blackout and disrupt critical services in the government and private sector, such as the water operations and food supply. Not to mention the local [Read More...]
How White House Budgeting Director Mick Mulvaney Sabotaged Trump’s Defense Spending Increase (From Forbes) President Trump has made rebuilding America’s military one of his top priorities.  He says it is more important than controlling budget deficits.  However, that is not the way White House budgeting director Mick Mulvaney apparently sees it.  He has structured [Read More...]
Five Reasons Why A Cyber National Guard Is A Good Idea (From RealClear Defense) Infrastructure cyber security should primarily be the responsibility of those public and private entities that own it.  However, there is a clear role for the federal government in cyber defense against attacks by hostile powers.  Several members of Congress have [Read More...]
Georgetown University Students Get Military Buy-In on Novel Approach To Solving Security Problems (From Forbes) The Security Studies Program at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service has come up with a truly novel approach to solving national security problems.  A class called Hacking4Defense groups graduate students into interdisciplinary teams that apply lean startup theory [Read More...]
Capitalism In Space: The Beguiling Myth Market Forces Can Fix Everything (From Forbes) On March 10 the Center for a New American Security released a report entitled “Capitalism in Space” that argued the government should abandon its traditional approach to managing civil and military space programs, relying more on “free enterprise” to get [Read More...]
Pentagon & Industry Show The Value Of Performance-Based Logistics For more than twenty years, defense acquisition reformers have been pressing the Pentagon to make greater use of Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) in major sustainment contracts. Major U.S. aerospace companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin had demonstrated that, properly written, [Read More...]
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