How The Mattis Campaign Plan For Fixing America’s Military Will Transform The U.S. Army (From Forbes) Secretary of Defense James Mattis has issued a campaign plan for rebuilding the U.S. military that could be the best thing that has happened to America’s Army since the Reagan years.  The plan begins by fixing near-term shortfalls in readiness, [Read More...]
Trump Defense Team Inherits Bad Ideas About Air Power From The Obama Years (From Forbes) After eight years of capped budgets and deferred modernization under President Obama, the Air Force’s vision of the future has become confused.  Two items it is pursuing seem especially ill-conceived.  First, there is the plan for a “light fighter” that [Read More...]
Mattis Review Of F-35 Fighter Likely To Yield Lower Price, Faster Production (from Forbes) Secretary of Defense James Mattis has directed his deputy to conduct a review of the F-35 fighter program with an eye to reducing costs while keeping requirements intact.  This will not be hard to accomplish.  If the program simply stays [Read More...]
The U.S. Navy Is Headed Into Rough Seas With Its Computer Network (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy is contemplating a redesign of its highly reliable intranet — the biggest in the world — that could diminish service and security for 700,000 shore-based users.  The basic idea is to split an integrated architecture into four [Read More...]
Better Tanks For The Army Means More Manufacturing Jobs For The Midwest (from Forbes) FDR’s “arsenal of democracy” has been withering for two generations, thanks to a combination of predatory trading partners and bad federal management.  A case in point is the nation’s last remaining tank plant in Lima, Ohio which is turning out [Read More...]
US Ambassador to Greece Sends Positive Message for Greek-American Relations From Greek Reporter US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt sent a positive message for the future of Greek-American relations following the swearing-in ceremony of the new American President Donald Trump. There is a dynamic and strong commitment by both parties [Read More...]
A Reagan Moment Arrives For America’s Military (From Forbes) Donald Trump’s policy agenda is remarkably similar to Ronald Reagan’s, and that includes a commitment to rebuilding America’s military.  During his first four years in office, President Reagan increased the purchasing power of the Pentagon’s budget by 40%, with a [Read More...]
Implications of JASTA on the U.S. Defense Industry When Donald J. Trump is sworn in as America’s forty-fifth president, a slew of foreign and security issues will be front and center in the Oval Office. Not receiving enough attention however is the pre-presidential election Congressional legislation, Justice against [Read More...]
SASC White Paper Makes Powerful Case for Reagan-Style Defense Buildup (from The National Interest) Yesterday, the Senate Armed Services Committee, under the leadership of committee Chairman Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released its much anticipated defense white paper, Restoring American Power. The white paper makes a powerful case for a significant and sustained increase in [Read More...]
How Cutting Nuclear Arsenals Can Make World War Three More Likely (From Forbes) Nuclear arsenals exist to deter attack.  Their size is less important than whether they convince a potential aggressor there is nothing to be gained by launching a surprise attack.  So nuclear reductions are not inherently virtuous — cutting the wrong [Read More...]
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