U.S. Marine Corps Retools Strategy As Tech Threats Mushroom (From Forbes) The Marine Corps has decided that it is not postured for the future.  A year-long review of service plans revealed multiple gaps in planned capabilities that could put Marines at a disadvantage in fighting the tech-savvy adversaries of tomorrow.  Among [Read More...]
Why Donald Trump is the U.S. Army’s Once in A Lifetime Opportunity (from The National Interest) There is a recognition in all quarters that the United States faces a range of serious security threats, foremost among them Russia. This leads, naturally, to the need for a U.S. military capable of fighting and prevailing in high-end, high-tech [Read More...]
DARPA Research Leads Grid Security Solutions (From The National Interest) The U.S. electric grid is vulnerable to a cyber-attack that could take electricity offline if successful. Protecting against cyber threats requires staying ahead of technology, maintaining transparency and sharing information. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is one government [Read More...]
Frank Rose: The Impact of Emerging Security Challenges on Strategic Stability Frank Rose is Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, and a long-time Capitol Hill, Pentagon and State Department security leader.  Attached is his “farewell address” at the University of Virginia after eight years in the Obama State Department, and [Read More...]
Near-Term U.S. Army Modernization: Buying What Is Available and Buying Time Executive Summary Click here to download the full study as PDF. The U.S. Army is rapidly losing its competitive advantages in high-end combat. The ability to achieve tactical overmatch, that combination of superior systems, intelligence, combined arms tactics and command [Read More...]
“Distributed Lethality” Is The Surface Navy’s Strategy For The Trump Era (From Forbes) The Navy’s surface warfare community has embraced a new strategy for assuring sea control in the future that focuses on dispersing fleet assets rather than concentrating them.  It is called “distributed lethality,” and it is designed to greatly complicate the [Read More...]
Cyber Threats to the U.S. Electric Grid Are Real (From The National Interest) On December 30th, the Washington Post incorrectly reported that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid through a Vermont utility. While this story ended up being an error as malicious code was found in a computer which was not [Read More...]
Why Donald Trump Must Prepare for War if he Wants Peace with Russia (from The National Interest) How can the incoming President achieve a good relationship with Russia, one in which this country is respected by the Kremlin far more than it is at present? The answer can be found in the words of the ancient Roman, [Read More...]
Sales Outlook Brightens For Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter (From Forbes) When President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on December 22 that he had asked Boeing to price-out an alternative to the F-35 fighter based on the company’s F/A-18 Super Hornet, he stunned the defense industry.  Most observers had expected Super Hornet production [Read More...]
President-elect Trump Needs To Prepare To Fight A Massive Information War (from The National Interest) Yesterday’s hearings by the Senate Armed Services Committee on cyber threats highlighted the fact that the United States is at war on multiple fronts with Russia, China and several lesser powers. This is not a war in the traditional sense. [Read More...]
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