Five Reasons Trump’s Twitter Attack On The F-35 Fighter Is Dead Wrong — And Dangerous (From Forbes) President-elect Donald Trump’s latest attack on the aerospace industry targets the F-35 fighter.  He says program costs are out of control.  Not so: the most common version of F-35 will cost less than Trump’s Boeing 757-200 when it was new, [Read More...]
How Trump Can Invest In Infrastructure And Make America’s Military Great Again During his winning campaign and in the month since, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to make America great again by, in part, massive infrastructure spending and rebuilding the U.S. military.  History provides a valuable lesson for the incoming administration on [Read More...]
Forget About Air Force One: This Is The Plane That Will Give President Trump The Most Trouble (From Forbes) The controversy surrounding Air Force One will be fleeting, because the Air Force hasn’t settled on program requirements or contract terms yet.  The Air Force’s plan to build a new bomber is another matter.  The B-21 Raider (as it is [Read More...]
Will President Trump Renegotiate The NATO Treaty? President-elect Donald Trump’s most consistent theme during his campaign for the nomination and then in the general election was that he would renegotiate or withdrawal from various international treaties and agreements in order to get a better outcome for America. [Read More...]
How Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis Will Remake The Pentagon (From Forbes) President-elect Trump’s decision to select retired Marine Corps General James N. Mattis as the next Secretary of Defense portends big changes for the Pentagon.  Mattis is one of the most gifted warfighters of his generation, a battle-hardened intellectual who actually [Read More...]
Why The U.S. Army Must Modernize Now Rather Than Later The Chief of Staff of the Army, General Mark Milley, is on a mission to quickly restore his service’s capability to conduct a high-end fight in order to deter a real war with rising powers. If the Army wants to [Read More...]
How President Trump Can Avert A Crisis In U.S. Space Policy (From Forbes) President-elect Trump may be facing a crisis in U.S. space policy during his tenure thanks to the cost-driven policies pursued by his predecessor.  Because current space policy tends to favor a low price-tag over risk-reduction, the government has backed into [Read More...]
Will General Mattis Have a Back Seat on the Trump Train? The ambitious and unwieldy Trump policy agenda will likely generate severe budget and deficit tensions in his coalition sooner than expected.  And there appears to be more momentum and agreement behind the president-elect’s infrastructure, tax cut and deregulation plans than [Read More...]
Five Questions The Reagan National Defense Forum Should Be Addressing (From The National Interest) This weekend the 2016 Reagan National Defense Forum (RNDF) will be held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. The topics chosen for discussion this year were selected months ago. All of them address important subjects. But I have [Read More...]
Trump May Be About To Derail The Pentagon’s Nuclear Plans (From Forbes) During his campaign for the White House, president-elect Donald Trump repeatedly cited the need to modernize America’s aging nuclear deterrent.  However, because of the complexities surrounding a presidential transition, Trump’s election may result in a near-term setback to the modernization [Read More...]
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