Superpowered: How Nuclear Power Transformed America’s Navy (From The National Interest) Aircraft carriers and submarines are considered some of the most sophisticated weapons in the U.S. arsenal. As a result, they became symbols of American power projection. Without nuclear energy, however, submarines and aircraft carriers would be limited in their operational [Read More...]
Versatile V-22 Osprey Is The Most Successful New Combat System Since 9-11 (From Forbes) At its inception in the early 1990s, the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor was so controversial that Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney repeatedly tried to terminate it.  He didn’t succeed, because Congress and the Marine Corps could see the game-changing potential of [Read More...]
T-X Competition Shows The Strength Of America’s Aerospace Industry (From The National Interest) A major issue for U.S. defense planners is the shrinking U.S. aerospace and defense sector. Decades of consolidation has reduced the number of competitors in the major product lines to less than a handful of prime contractors. So it is [Read More...]
21st Century Warfare May Require Turning The Joint Staff Into A General Staff (From The National Interest) For seventy years, since Congress created the modern U.S. national security system, the National Security Act has handicapped military decision-making by limiting the role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The 1947 National Security Act (NSA) created the modern U.S. [Read More...]
Army Needs One Hour Of Federal Spending Per Year To Fix Vulnerable Links — And Can’t Find It (from Forbes) If you can’t move on the modern battlefield, then you probably can’t survive.  However, most of the U.S. Army’s combat units are equipped with communications gear that requires them to come to a halt before communicating with headquarters.  If they [Read More...]
Air Force “Light Fighter” Concept Seems A Bit Light On Logic (From Forbes) Despite suffering from a chronically underfunded modernization budget, the Air Force is pressing ahead with experimentation on yet another new aircraft.  It’s a propeller-driven “light fighter” that could be used to attack irregular forces such as ISIS from so-called permissive [Read More...]
Ex-Im Bank Critics Are Undermining Trump’s Trade Strategy (From Forbes) A small band of free-trade zealots is trying to hobble the Export-Import Bank, and in the process making President Trump’s campaign to restore U.S. competitiveness even harder. Ex-Im, as it is often called, is the official export credit agency of [Read More...]
U.S. Spends Three Times More On Lottery Tickets Than On Equipping Its Army — And It Shows (From Forbes) The Romans had a saying that if you want peace, prepare for war.  Judging from the way the U.S. funds its Army, Americans are preparing to party.  The amount of money that was requested by the Obama administration for equipping [Read More...]
Why America’s Air Force Leads the Way on Countering Enemy Drone Technology (from The National Interest) Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, in the hands of this country’s adversaries, both states and terrorist organizations, pose a severe and growing challenge to the U.S. military. The proliferation of drones to hostile states and groups is altering the tactical [Read More...]
A-29 For Nigeria Would Be The Proverbial Hat Trick For The Trump Administration President Trump has made defeating violent Islamist terrorism, not just ISIS but Al Qaeda and the global skein of killer insurgents, a top priority. There are reports that a new strategy for taking on ISIS will be unveiled shortly. Whatever [Read More...]
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