Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Can Represent an Innovative Solution for America’s Shifting Energy Sector Click here to download the full report as PDF Executive Summary The United States is heavily reliant on nuclear power for its electricity.  Last year, six states used nuclear power for more than 45 percent of electricity generation, with 19 [Read More...]
Navy’s Investment In Advanced Capabilities Should Include Next Generation Lighting Even as the defense budget has shrunk and demands continue to grow for forward naval presence and crisis response, the U.S. Navy has been steadily investing in a wide range of new, even revolutionary capabilities. There is the new Ford-class [Read More...]
What Can Be Learned from the Northeast’s Use of Microgrids Click here to download the full study as PDF. Executive Summary As energy decisionmakers pursue strategies to bolster the resilience of the electric grid and to integrate renewable energy sources, an increasing number are turning to microgrids.  Microgrids are small-scale [Read More...]
The Biggest Underreported Energy Story Of 2015 There have been a lot of big energy stories over the past several months: the continuing price decline in oil, new rules for fracking on federal lands and the latest U.N. climate change summit. But the biggest and most underreported [Read More...]
Intensifying Cyber Attacks Just The Beginning Cyber attacks on Western targets are coming faster and having more serious effects. We have gone in a period of months from massive data thefts at Home Depot and Target to the assault on Sony pictures to, most recently, the [Read More...]
Managing Low Oil Prices To Enhance U.S. National Security While we are all reveling in prices at the pump approaching $2.50 a gallon and its salutary impact on the U.S. economy, we ought to consider the broader economic and national security implications of the ongoing decline in energy prices. [Read More...]
West Should Help Liberate Eastern Europe From Miasma Of Russian Gas Russia’s political bag of tricks has four tools in it that the Kremlin is employing very successfully in its attempts to destabilize former Soviet Republics, defy NATO and the European Union and otherwise act like a great power. These are: [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin’s Fusion Breakthrough Is Just One Piece Of Its Fast-Growing Energy Portfolio (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin made quite a splash this week when it disclosed work on a compact fusion reactor that could be ten times more efficient than existing fusion designs.  The company says a 100 megawatt version of the reactor capable of [Read More...]
New York’s Microgrid Plans Depend on Sound Policies New York is pioneering new energy models called microgrids that aim to make the electricity grid more reliable and provide power to certain assets during blackouts. These self-contained electricity distribution systems offer numerous advantages, such as vastly improved resiliency at [Read More...]
Keeping The Lights On: How Electricity Policy Must Keep Pace With Technology Click here to download the full study as PDF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The basic functions of American society and economy are reliant upon uninterrupted access to electricity to an unprecedented degree. Meanwhile, requirements for systems that safeguard power reliability and quality [Read More...]
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