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  • USPS Rolls Over in Negotiations — Again

    August 6, 2007- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Article Published in the Federal Times The U.S. Postal Service and one of its largest unions, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), just reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract. Union head William Young called the agreement [Read More...]
  • Postal Service Delivers (For Unions)

    February 28, 2007- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Article Published in the Newark Star-Ledger Brace yourself. Postal rates are about to go up again – by a whopping 7.6 percent, on average, in May. First-class stamps will cost 41 cents. Despite all the cheering over postal reform legislation [Read More...]
  • Postal Service Could Learn A Lot From GM

    September 25, 2006- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Issue Brief Unions were created to serve an important purpose — to protect workers’ rights and safety. But in their zeal to negotiate as many benefits as possible, some may be hurting the very employees they represent. Workers in the [Read More...]
  • Postal Service Must Cut Costs, Not Just Raise Stamp Prices

    May 6, 2006- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Op Ed Published in the Chicago Sun Times It’s been only four months since the cost of a stamp increased from 37 to 39 cents – and the Postal Service already has plans to raise prices even higher. Postmaster General [Read More...]
  • Why (and How) the Postal Service Must Bring Costs Under Control

    March 23, 2006- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Issue Brief The Postal Service’s quarterly financial reports over the last three years show a consistent storyline: A steady decline in the volume of first class mail, accompanied by a steady increase in productivity. Much credit is due to Postmaster [Read More...]
  • The Postal Service’s Eminently Absurd Powers

    August 28, 2005- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Article Published in Much criticism of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on eminent domain has focused on the narrow circumstances of the case: The court has allowed the City of New London, Connecticut, to seize homes from families and [Read More...]
  • Who Cares How the Postal Service Spends $12 Billion?

    August 5, 2005- Charles Guy, Ph.D. ssue Brief It’s long been discussed by Postal Service observers that the agency’s penchant for secrets has created a long-standing financial transparency problem. But things may have just gotten a whole lot worse. Postal Service management recently announced new procurement [Read More...]
  • How a Regional Pay Scale Could Save the Postal Service

    May 18, 2005- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Issue Brief The U.S. Postal Service faces a troubling financial future. Both the GAO and a Presidential commission concluded that it must be substantially reformed to reduce the risk of taxpayer bailouts or dramatic price increases. For federal policymakers seeking [Read More...]
  • Postal Service Procurement Rules Must Provide More Oversight

    August 23, 2004- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Op Ed Published in the Federal Times Every year, the U.S. Postal Service spends close to $12 billion on goods and services. With that kind of money in play, entire businesses — from supplies to mail transport to construction — [Read More...]
  • House Plan Gets Postal Reform Moving, But Does It Get It Right?

    May 21, 2004- Charles Guy, Ph.D. Issue Brief The postal reform legislation that passed the House Government Reform Committee last week clearly offers several worthwhile improvements: the creation of a Postal Regulatory Commission with substantial oversight authority is perhaps the most valuable of these. It is [Read More...]
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