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  • Third-Party Logistics: Keeping America’s Economy Moving

    April 30, 2009- Leslie Carbone Research Study The Third-Party Logistics (3PL) industry plays a central role in managing domestic and global supply chains. With approximately 35,000 jobs in the United States (not including warehouse employees), 3PL providers help companies lower transportation costs, improve on-time performance, [Read More...]
  • Parents Deserve Diverse Opportunities

    October 26, 2008- Leslie Carbone Richmond Times-Dispatch A funny thing happened on the way to the election. Answering the last question, during the last debate, candidates John McCain and Barack Obama agreed with each other. The issue was charter schools. “Charter schools aren’t the only [Read More...]
  • The Best of Students, The Worst of Students

    September 10, 2008- Leslie Carbone Education Week Our best students and our worst students are likely to speak English as a second language. In California, children from non-English-speaking homes who learn English fluently before they start school become bilingual stars, outperforming every other group on [Read More...]

    September 7, 2008- Leslie Carbone Issue Brief The National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the United States, unveiled a 45-page document calling for a “new federal role” in education at its July convention in Washington, D.C. The NEA proposes “Transforming America’s Public Schools: [Read More...]

    June 29, 2008- Leslie Carbone Richmond Times-Dispatch Thomas Jefferson, a strong proponent of public education in Virginia, believed that every child should “be in reach of a central school”. More than 200 years later, Mr. Jefferson’s vision has been realized, but the nearest public school [Read More...]
  • The Benefits of a Tuition Assistance Grant Program for Special-Education Students in Virginia

    June 20, 2008- Leslie Carbone Many families with children in special education face unique, expensive, and often frustrating challenges in pursuing appropriate education. Several states have implemented policies to help these families by offering them tuition assistance grants to pay for education at the public [Read More...]
  • Spend Smarter on Schools

    January 27, 2008- Leslie Carbone Article Providence Journal K-12 education cost U.S. taxpayers $536 billion during 2004-05. This figure, 4.3 percent of gross domestic product, is roughly equivalent to the entire sum spent over the last five years on the Iraq war. U.S. taxpayers pay [Read More...]
  • ‘Charter’ A New Course: All Eyes on Louisiana

    November 30, 2007- Leslie Carbone Article published in The Shreveport Times Louisiana is a lovely place to be a tourist, but a lousy place to be a student. But the nation’s eyes should be riveted toward the Bayou State, because its education system may be [Read More...]
  • Top Teacher Union Bullies Way To Its Own Agenda

    August 25, 2007- Leslie Carbone Article published in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel As a new school year opens, students, parents and teachers hoping for quality education face an ironic opponent: the National Education Association, America’s premier teachers union. When it comes to opposing common sense [Read More...]
  • Transparency, not big government, the answer for bad student lending

    August 6, 2007- Leslie Carbone Article published in The Springfield (MO) News-Leader Proponents of big government have seized on recent concerns about corruption in the student loan industry. There’s no question that something is amiss in the practices of some student lenders. Large loan companies, [Read More...]
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