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  • Five Ways AI Benefits The U.S. Military

    June 13, 2024- LexNext Innovation Examiner Understanding the potential benefits of AI will play a key role in making America’s armed services more effective. Our newsletter below discusses the ways in which AI developments can make a positive impact on the military. The text can be [Read More...]
  • AI’s Abundant Players And Opportunities

    May 13, 2024- LexNext Innovation Examiner Our newsletter below reviews the vast number of companies, including many small businesses, involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence, potential unnecessary government interference, and why market forces work well. The text can be found in the PDF here and [Read More...]
  • Lina Khan’s “National Champions” Canard

    April 4, 2024- LexNext Innovation Examiner We are pleased to announce the launch of our newsletter, LexNext Innovation Examiner which analyzes issues in the tech and national security nexus. The first edition, which reviews a major speech by Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan to the [Read More...]
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