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  • Letter From Europe

    December 6, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in the New York Times WITH nationalized health care, sky-high unemployment and blissfully short work weeks, you might think that the European Union is rolling backwards on the wheels of socialism. Meanwhile, with Wall Street, Wal-Mart and [Read More...]
  • Postal Labor Negotiations Must Not Undermine Agency

    November 6, 2006- Sam Ryan Article Published in the Federal Times At midnight on November 20, all four U.S. Postal Service labor contracts are set to expire. Don’t panic. Postal workers, as federal employees, are not permitted to strike. So your advertisements, credit-card solicitations and [Read More...]
  • Postal Reform: Everyone Stands in the Way

    October 18, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in For months now, long overdue reform of the U.S. Postal Service has languished after different versions were passed by the Senate and House of Representatives. Many observers had hoped that the two chambers of Congress [Read More...]
  • U.S. Postal Service Should Stamp Out Its Wage Premium

    September 11, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in Human Events Online For the first time ever, the U.S. Postal Service is now negotiating new contracts with all four of its unions at the same time. This is an extraordinary opportunity for USPS to get [Read More...]
  • Why We’re Stuck with Ever-Rising Stamp Prices

    June 1, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in the Baltimore Sun “The postman always rings twice” took on new meaning last month. Just 17 weeks after the U.S. Postal Service raised stamp prices from 37 cents to 39 cents, it filed for a second [Read More...]
  • Don’t Raise Postal Rates Quickly

    May 11, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in The Clarion-Ledger Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the post office, the United States Postal Service has begun the process of raising rates again. The Postal Service says that this time, [Read More...]
  • The Postal Service Is Not ‘Debt-Free’

    February 5, 2006- Sam Ryan Letter to the Editor A Jan. 24 letter praised the U.S. Postal Service for being “debt-free.” Yet the Postal Service has more than $70 billion of unfunded liabilities: money it doesn’t have but has promised to its employees down the [Read More...]
  • These Reforms Need a Stamp of Approval

    January 9, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in the Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegram Brace yourself for some heavy news. Yesterday, the price of mailing a letter jumped to 39 cents. How will you cope? Is it time to take out a second mortgage? Should [Read More...]
  • 39 Reasons to Privatize Mail System

    January 8, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in The Orlando Sentinel The U.S. Postal Service today raises stamp prices once again, pushing the cost of mailing a letter to 39 cents. The USPS is already saying it will file for further increases, so before [Read More...]
  • USPS Profits from Monopoly

    January 8, 2006- Sam Ryan Op Ed Published in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (CA) Just when you thought you were shopped out, the January sale season is upon us. A whole new stack of catalogues and flyers is being crammed into our mailboxes, courtesy [Read More...]
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