Rathna K. Muralidharan

Program Director

Rathna Muralidharan is a program director at the non-profit Lexington Institute, a public-policy research organization located in Arlington, Virginia, where she manages events, conducts research, and supports staff analyses. She has been published in RealClearDefense, RealClearWorld, RealClearEnergy and The National Interest.

Before joining the staff of the Lexington Institute, Rathna worked at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, and the Institute for the Study of War’s Iraq Project. Most recently, she worked at the Hudson Institute where she assisted in researching U.S. security concerns in South Asia. She has conducted extensive research on U.S. counterterrorism policies and objectives.

Rathna graduated in three years from American University’s School of International Service with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. She focused on global security and foreign policy in the Middle East and South Asia. She is fluent in Tamil, and is proficient in Arabic.