• Time To Put The Pentagon Into Chapter 11

    July 10, 2014- Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. When a private company finds itself with a crushing weight of debt, a dysfunctional organization, overly restrictive labor agreements and operating rules that make it impossible to alter its cost structure, it can declare bankruptcy. Most companies file under what [Read More...]
  • Sequestration Could Break The Air Force First

    May 20, 2014- Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. It is one thing to look for ways of reducing defense spending as part of an overall program to rein in the size and cost of government. It is quite another to do so in such a maladroit and downright [Read More...]
  • Weapons Cuts In 2015 Budget Leave Soldiers, Marines At Risk (From Forbes)

    February 24, 2014- Loren B. Thompson, Ph.D When the Obama Administration sends its proposed 2015 budget to Congress next week, two armored vehicle programs will be missing in action from the defense portion of the request — the Army Ground Combat Vehicle and the Marine Amphibious Combat [Read More...]
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