• Making the Grid Great Again

    December 16, 2016- J. Michael Barrett From Domestic Preparedness As the dust from the recent election settles, one of the first orders of business for the incoming Trump administration is a massive public infrastructure investment plan. Although the economic benefits associated with improved infrastructure are popular [Read More...]
  • National Guard-Public Utility Collaboration: One Approach to Improving Grid Security

    April 22, 2016- Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. The American people and critical stakeholders are increasingly aware that the nation’s electric power grid is vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Much attention has been focused on the threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack that could destroy much of [Read More...]
  • U.S. Electric Grid Needs Improved Cybersecurity

    June 10, 2014- Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. The ability to generate and move electric power is the centerpiece of any civilization. Without power there would be virtually no communications, water supplies, food harvesting, processing or storage, or industrial production. This is why the security of the power [Read More...]
  • National Electric Power Grid Must Be More Secure And Resilient

    May 8, 2014- Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. Almost everyone from across the political spectrum can agree on at least this one thing: the nation’s electric power grid must be made more resilient. The grid has so many vulnerabilities and problems that there is something for almost anyone [Read More...]
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