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  • Air Force Wavering on New Fighter Imperils World’s Most Advanced Engines
  • America has something China doesn’t: the world’s most advanced fighter plane engines. Unfortunately, the U.S. Air Force is teetering on the edge of losing that precious lead, by delaying or restructuring its secretive Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD fighter. My article for Defense Opinion is here. Next Generation Air Dominance is a family of systems that includes weapons, drones [ Read More…]

  • Paul Steidler
  • Kamala Harris Should Seize the Moment, Embrace AI (From RealClearMarkets)
  • Enthusiasm for the vast number of problem-solving, transformative benefits that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide has driven the stock market significantly higher in 2024, attracted a bevy of venture capital and other investments, and helps explain why the White House is taking a much more positive look at AI. Vice President Kamala Harris, who leads the Administration’s AI policy, should [ Read More…]

  • NATO’s Eastern Priority Tilt, And Task (From RealClearDefense)
  • At the NATO summit in Washington this week, rather than just a birthday celebration, the alliance should commit to strengthening its front-line conventional deterrence credibility.    The record number of NATO allies meeting the 2% defense spending target is a significant achievement. It highlights the alliance’s unity and commitment to collective defense, as well as the impressive response to Russia’s 10-year rolling invasion of Ukraine.  It is also a big political win for both U.S. presidents Donald Trump and Joe [ Read More…]

  • No Time to Delay NGAD if the Air Force is to Meet the China Challenge (From Breaking Defense)
  • Forget the Chinese. There are days when the Air Force seems like its own worst enemy. After a decade of priority investment and confident endorsements from leaders, the Air Force is getting antsy about NGAD, the sixth-generation fighter plane planned to replace the F-22 as the centerpiece of air dominance. Just this week, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall expressed more concerns about the cost, the concept and the engine, capped off by hinting the Air Force is knee-deep in “trade-offs.” That’s [ Read More…]

  • Lina Khan’s Despicable “Mob Bosses” Rhetoric
  • The full text is below and can be found in the PDF here. Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan recently branded the leaders of America’s tech companies “mob bosses” and talked about how they work with “henchmen.” This is prima facia evidence that Chair Khan cannot be an impartial judge of matters that come before the FTC. The rhetoric is at odds with the letter and the spirit of the law regarding her role and duties as chair. Chair Khan’s remarks were made [ Read More…]

  • Senate Armed Services Committee Aims For Better Cybersecurity
  • Congress has not forgotten all the trouble caused last year when a China-based actor known as Storm 0558 broke into the State and Commerce Departments, among other places, exploiting a Microsoft vulnerability. Provisions in the upcoming 2025 defense bill take a jab at Microsoft.  One opens the door for the Pentagon to buy alternatives to Microsoft’s cyber security services.  Another could require any defense contractor doing business in China (such as Microsoft) to “inform the Pentagon if they are ever [ Read More…]

  • The U.S. Marines: They’ve Got The Answer, But Not The Ships (From RealClearDefense)
  • The U.S. Marine Corps has been developing solutions to the China problem. Numbers will favor the PRC in any crisis that features extended naval warfare within a few hundred miles of China’s coast. Hence the importance of the Corps’ Force Design effort to field forces relevant to such conflict and the urgency with which the U.S. Navy’s shipbuilding problem must be solved. The Marine Corps is on the right track with FD. It is rapidly evolving its ability to operate within [ Read More…]

  • Russian Warships Spotted Near Florida Coast (From Fox News Live Now)
  • Rebecca Grant joined Fox News Live Now to discuss Russian warships near Florida and Cuba, including an advanced Russian frigate and submarine ready for wargame exercises.  Putin won’t risk his best ships in the Black Sea but wants to show off Russian military might as NATO completes its biggest exercise in decades. The full clip is available here.

  • Five Ways AI Benefits The U.S. Military
  • Understanding the potential benefits of AI will play a key role in making America’s armed services more effective. Our newsletter below discusses the ways in which AI developments can make a positive impact on the military. The text can be found in the PDF here and below. Five Ways AI Benefits the U.S. Military Artificial intelligence is a top priority for the military because it strengthens fighting capabilities and improves operational efficiencies. The Pentagon has 685 individual AI projects underway [ Read More…]

  • America’s D-Day Pledge To Leadership Still Strong
  • June 6, 1944, is remembered as a moment of great triumph and sacrifice and the beginning of America’s global leadership.  Bonds were forged with allies Great Britain and Canada on the beaches of Normandy.  Less than a year later, Hitler was defeated, and the peace won in Europe has lasted to this day.  Freedom guaranteed by NATO extends to 32 nations and holds across Europe from Helsinki to Istanbul.  But Europe is not calm.  Vladimir Putin pours Russia’s resources into [ Read More…]

  • The Concept Driving The Army’s Air Assault Plans For The Indo-Pacific (From Breaking Defense)
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping’s appetite for confrontation is rising.  An emerging role for the Army in the Pacific will center on inserting forces to control short, sharp confrontations over islands and terrain features in the South China Sea.  Gaining the tactical edge is part of the drive for the Army’s procurement of the V-280 Valor and preparing for deterrence based on rapid response in gray zone operations. I have written more on this subject here.

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